Saying I have to complete the P0 exam when already completed

Hey guys! Just wondering if there is anyone out there that could maybe help me?
I joined Vatsim 3 Months ago and completed the p0 exam and started playing on xpilot with x-plane 11. fast forward to now, I reinstalled vatsim with the same account and now using mfs2020 (I am on a new pc now) and when i press connect, it says i have not completed the exam when i did it 3 months ago… it has a link saying go here to comnplete it, and when i do, it says i have no assignments and it says i can view my assignment (the p0 exam i’ve already done. What should i do?

Hello there!

I have checked your account. Nothing seems to be wrong with your account. Try changing your password. If not, please contact the membership department here and they shall assist you with your issue.

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Hi. Thanks for the help, much appreciated. I’ll try changing password, not quite sure how that might help but I’ll give it a go. I have contacted support about 4 days ago and still no reply. If you maybe know anyone that could help let me know. Once again thanks!