Routes with more coverage

Hi there.
After close to 2000hours in MSFS I finally decided to get the courage and start flying on Vatsim.
I still get a bit stressed with taxi instructions ( specially at big airports) but it’s fair to say my first flights have gone quite well.

The problem is, in neither of them I had a proper “experience “ all the way.
I had GND and DEL on the first but they logged off so I went to UNICOM.
Second one was the closest one to a proper experience, as I had GND, TWR and passed to Control, but then had to Unicom for the descent and approach, pretty much the same that happened in the 3rd one, but I had GND on arrival and it made the experience ( and taxi in Bangkok) interesting.

I know it’s hard to get full coverage as we are all giving our free time here, and have lives outside the SIM, however I’d like to know if there’s any route/ area, where I’d be more likely to get coverage on departure and at least arrival ( which I haven’t experienced yet)… and preferably a simple airport with a simple taxiway, if it’s not too much to ask :smile:

Welcome Diogo,

I’d suggest looking at the Events calendar. Generally if an Event is posted it will be fully staffed, so full coverage.

Thank you Sean!

I’m still a bit “scared” to join an event, but I might give it a try :slight_smile:

I’d recommend a VATSIM First Wings event which is specifically for beginners.

What is your usual area of operation?