Responding to Unicom 122.80 Transmissions

When you hear a transmission or text on Unicom 122.80, is it appropriate, required or necessary to respond and acknowledge you heard the other pilot’s intentions.
I am still fairly new; getting better but would like to learn the correct way to use voice and text transmissions.

If, on recieving a transmission on Unicom, you think, that the other pilot’s situational awareness would benefit from it,you should respond to the transmission. So, if you’re in the pattern to an airport/-strip and an other pilot transmits his intentions from/around the same airport, I would also send a message on unicom. But if it clearly is of no concern to you or your actions will not have any influence on the other pilot’s flight, then you don’t have to make a transmission. But better make a transmission too many than too few. However, Unicom can easily be clogged in transmissions, if anyone, who recieves a message, replies.

If you’re on descent into the same airport, or a nearby airport, make your intentions known.

If you’re overflying at FL380, no need to clutter the frequency.

Thank you for the feedback. I am trying to improve my communication skills on Vatsim.

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