.RequestFlightPlan() API is a void method

Hi there, thanks for the great work on vPilot - I’m trying to create a plugin, however the RequestFlightPlan() method is designated as a void method, and therefore doesn’t return any values like is intended.

There’s also no ability using the FileFlightPlan method to set the voice use of the user

That’s not actually what is intended. What that method does is functionally the same as pressing the “Fetch From Server” button on the flight plan window. That sends a flight plan request to the server. If the server has a flight plan for your callsign, it’ll send it to vPilot. To access that returned flight plan from a plugin, use the FlightPlanReceived event.

This is done by putting the appropriate tag in the flight plan remarks. /v/ or /r/ or /t/

Ah ok, thanks for the help