Request ATC for Groupflight

We are a group of pilots from Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Austria who meet every Wednesday since 2002 (!)

for a small competition, called KuMi. The main goal of this competition is to touch down at exactly 2000z. The winner will get to choose the next destination.
In this case our next destination will be in your division: Turk and Caison Island - MBPV. So it would be very much appreciated if you can offer us ATC service (APP & TWR would be great and a CTR postion would help even more with the traffic flow)

We are a group of approximately 7 to 10 pilots (very Vatsim experienced) so it gets always very busy around the aerodrome because everybody is aiming and planing their flights to arrive at 2000 UTC. (Winter 2100z)

So all in all help and ATC very much appreciated. A little feedback on this would be great =)

Airport: MBPV

Date: 23.08.2023

Time: 1930-2030 UTC

Sincerely Markus

Such a request on the forums could easily go overlooked. I would suggest contacting the ATC facility responsible for that airport directly.

Turks and Caicos - Providenciales MBPV :slight_smile:

That sounds like great fun! Any objections to me coming along? What kind of aircraft do you fly?