[Replica] Docker for ES VCCS

Hi all.
Due to repeated inquiries, i decided to replicate my post from the old VATSIM Forum Archive here, so interested parties can find the info here, aswell.

Hi all

So, i created a Docker to compile and run a TS VCCS server. It has been tested on Debian 11 and Windows 11 Pro, and builds against 64bit architecture (due to Docker limitation). It can be used by anyone able to expose the respective port to the public:

fagi / EuroScope TS3 Server Docker · GitLab

The installation procedure is pretty straightforward and outlined in the repository documentation.
If a solution for 32bit systems is needed, feel free to contact me.

Feel free to try out.
Bugs go in this post.

Best regards

If you encounter any issues, you can find me here :slight_smile:

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