Relearning the flightsim hobby

Hey I’m back from a very long holding pattern in the flight simming hobby. Ten years! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve refound the hobby and replaced my old home cockpit with a new one. Replaced my old flight sim pc with a new one.

I’m ironing out a few settings items I need to address but otherwise it’s ready to fly. I’m going to be getting back into vatsim and I’ve become active in fseconomy as well again.

I plan to record and upload my journey and some highlights to a YouTube channel.

I’ve uploaded a couple videos so far: a test flight, some settings checks and some sim flight planning stuff.

I’m ready to jump back into vatsim. I plan to record my progress with that to help anybody else who’s maybe interested as well.

My callsign is C-TMMG as well as my YouTube channel.

Looking forward to connecting with you on the network. I’ll see you on the ramp!