Region Change Problem


I recently completed VATUSA’s S1 academy and passed the exam. When I went to join an ARTCC, I couldn’t join one and realized when I made my VATSIM account, I set my region to Central America thinking it was Central of the United States. Then when I went to change it, my only options were Europe, Asia, and Africa. I changed it to Europe thinking it would fix it. Not sure why I thought that but I did. I contacted support twice about the problem and was just told to wait 90 days and read the policy. Which I have read multiple times. I feel I shouldn’t have to wait until January of next year just to change my region and join an ARTCC.

If anyone knows if there is any way to just get by this so I don’t have to wait that long or if I really do have to wait the 90 days, I would appreciate it.


Jacob Svejda

VATUSA had is it very clear in the FAQ where if you want to change your division you contact the VATUSA staff and they can help you more, why would vatsim let you change divisions more than once in 90 days? Also in the vatsim world 90 days is not that long compared to other games


Short story – I’ve granted you a one-time waiver to the transfer policy, and have transferred you to the Americas Region, United States Division.

I know you’ve said you’ve read the policies, and I appreciate that. I’m going to add a little color here in this thread in case it helps folks in the future that search the forums for guidance.

As is explained in the VATSIM Regions page (VATSIM Regions):
VATSIM is currently organized in three regions, which cover our virtual world. Each region is divided into different smaller organizations, called Divisions. And Divisions may hold the local member organizations such as vACCs, FIRs, or ARTCCs.

VATSIM Americas Region administers the entire North and South American continent plus Central America and the Caribbean.

Asia Pacific
VATSIM Asia Pacific is responsible for countries for the majority of Asia, stretching from Pakistan to Japan, though not including Russia and the South Pacific which includes Australia, New Zealand and all the island nations in the South Pacific, including many parts of Antarctica.

Europe, Middle East and Africa
VATSIM Europe, Middle East and Africa comprises continental Africa, Europe, Middle East, United Kingdom, Ireland, the Balkans, Scandinavia, Turkey, the Mediterranean islands and Russian-speaking countries.

As we also describe in the VATSIM Support FAQ (VATSIM Support), and was explained to you in your first ticket:
Remember, Regions are large parts of the Earth. VATSIM currently has 3 (Americas; Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East and Africa). Divisions are smaller, and typically cover one or a small number of countries (e.g. United States Division, UK Division, South Africa Division, etc.)

So we do try to make this pretty clear right up front.

When you registered, you had originally selected the Americas Region (good), but the Central America Division (not really what you wanted). So at this point, all you needed to do was follow the Division Transfer process. There are lots of places to see that, but perhaps, since you wanted to join VATUSA, the best place to see that would have been the VATUSA FAQ, #2., “How do I change my region? How do I change my division?” (VATUSA - Knowledgebase)
Members wishing to remain in the VATSIM Americas region but change divisions, you’ll need to submit a request to the Division Director.

That said, I am guessing perhaps you didn’t read these things, or read quickly and it didn’t quite click. No worries. It happens.

Now, I’m just going to tease you gently and in a good-natured manner :wink: : Of course, the United States isn’t in Europe, so I’m not quite sure how you thought that would help… But… :wink:

The advice you got is all technically correct (read the documents, preferably before you make a mistake), and you were correctly quoted the transfer policy.

However, like I say, I’ve changed your Region and Division for you, and wish you the best.