Recording Xplane12


I’m beginning to record my flights and post them to my channel on YouTube. I’m using vatsim and fseconomy.

What’s a good way to get clear Atc audio while recording?
I would prefer not to spend anymore money. :money_mouth_face::blush: In the future external speakers may be an option.

Currently it’s output from my tv/main screen.
I’m using my phone and a stand to record.

I want the audio to be clear for people watching.

Any suggestions? I’m new to this aspect of things.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe try to record also the pc with obs and then add in a editor put the flight and the video of the cockpit.
OBS is free, and for editing you can use davinci pro which is a very good editor for free

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll look into those ideas. I’ve heard davinci is the way to go. I just don’t want to do much - if any editing lol. So much work it seems. :exploding_head:

OBS is excellent for capturing and free. I use OpenShot (also free) for video editing.

Thanks. I ended up using streamlabs obs and it’s all good.