Real Life Miliary Pilot Rating for VATSIM

Good morning all you awesome folks. I have a question from a friend of mine. He is a Retired British Military MO Pilot, aka Miltary Pilot and rated. Is their a rating in VATSIM for his credentials to be of benefit. We have PVT and Comm Pilots. Got to have something for our Veterans. He should be able to log in and have PVT and say MIL-P also so when he fly’s say a Military pattern AC, his callsign will be appropriate etc. He does a lot of 320N flights also. He was awarded a PPL and a MO rating on VATSIM, he is unsure what the MO is. Cheers from this Veteran Capt Retired and Proud S1 Ground controller of CYWG. And thanks in advance.

M0 means no military pilot rating. The M ratings are Military Pilot ratings, which may be awarded to VATSIM Military Pilots that can receive training and earn their certifications with approved VATSIM Special Operations organizations.

If he has prior military pilot experience, I’m sure he would be able to sail through his training with any of the Special Operations organizations that are authorized to train/certifiy military pilots.