Radio coms randomly cutting when receiving

Hello all, I am using vPilot for a few weeks and everything was working fine in the beggining. For a few days now, radio coms are randomly cutting in the middle. For example, I hear the beggining of a transmission then it stops and I here the end of it 5 seconds later. It is really annoying in busy airspace and controllers are sometimes annoyed by the delay in my readback. Sometimes, I don’t even hear the end of the transmission. It happens with all servers and all kind of transmissions (controllers or pilots). I can’t recall any change I made in my configuration that could cause that.
I am really desperate to trouble shoot this issue. Do you have any idea ?
Thanks !

Just wanted to add that I also facing the same problem but with the addition of the constant “Disconnect from voice server” message.

I asked other people on the same frequency and they all said that they can read me just fine, but I receiving the almost readable transmission from them.

I’ve tried

  1. Re-install vPilot
  2. Run vPilot as admin
  3. Exclude vPilot from both anti-virus and firewall
  4. Raise vPilot’s process priority to High
  5. Switch to other servers

and none of this seems to work.

Has this ever worked?

I had the same issue, when I switched my network card from 1GBit/copper to 10GB/Fiber.
When returning to 1GBit/copper voice went back to normal.