Radio com1 problem dont stop

Good evening,
I did post my problem before but it seem it never stop and I am getting very confuse. I use MSFS 2020
Everytime I fly live with vPilot the radio change frequency by itself NON stop. Even If I close the co-pilot radio. I am flying actually A-339 and since I took off I spend more time changing the frequency back to 122.8 then the rest lolol is there and expert somewhere to help me ? Frankly I dont know what else to do. :slight_smile:

Is your Auto-ATC on?

Options - > Assistance Options - > AI Radio Communications (ATC)

Not at all I share some pic of my setting. Assistance AI Radio Com OFF //Audio switch to CAPT on the overhead panel//COpilot radio OFF// And on the capt side I switch off CALL and also VHF1 and VHF 2