Radio callsign question

Hi all,
I mainly fly offline with my ultra fictional airline “Crow Airlines”.
Fictional ICAO code is COR, and radio callsign is “Murder”.
My question is…
Is that radio callsign would be a ban reason at Vatsim network?

Arslan Türegün

Hi Arslen, welcome to the forum,

The online rules for call signs etc, and generally as long as they aren’t offensive its ok. No-one has ownership on any (other than staff allocated) callsign, and in my opinion, I wouldn’t think your proposal is offensive. Love it.

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Thank you Sean :slight_smile:

No worries, sorry spell checker made it hard trying to get the spelling right.

It may help if you put in your Flight Plan comments “OPR/Crow Airlines RTF/Murder”

It will increase the chances of ATC referring to you in the way you intend.

Just realize, that we have nearly one million people in our community, all with varying ages, backgrounds, beliefs, etc. All you need is one person to complain that the callsign is offensive, and you may be asked to either change the callsign or disconnect. Something you may want to keep in mind, to prevent potential disruption in your organization.


Just want to add for your consideration:
If you fly fictional airlines nobody has your livery, every controller has to check your flightplan remarks for the callsign and it will just be confusing for everybody. So basically I think that is selfish.
I am not a fan of that and don’t understand why you would do that.

Thanks everyone for the responses.
I have decided to carry on offline flights to be not selfish :wink:


Why not use a callsign like
CROW? “Murder” is not a very desirable callsign in my mind.

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@1029839 Arslan,

Don’t let two people out of thousands stop you. If you want to know definitively send the SUP team a question.

VATSIM is about community, so don’t leave please.

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The collective noun is a murder of crows, but I agree it’s not exactly a desirable callsign.

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Sure it is allowed on the network.
You make it sound like it is very important for you to use your very own callsign and that is ok by the rules.

Let me just explain that many enjoy being able to “follow the American B737” and visually identify that aircraft because it is the correct type and the correct livery in their sim.
I personally even enjoy to see a mix of airlines that I could see at that airport or in that country in reality.

And that IS how VATSIM is and some pilots doing differently won’t change that basically. So please go ahead and fly whatever you want :slight_smile:

But in my opinion if you want to show off your cool callsign there are multiplayer servers…

Seems like proper use of “Murder” would apply only to a formation flight of two or more Crows.

Surely only for 3 or more crows. 2 crows would be an attempted murder.

(I’ll see myself out…)

Sad if our network is now about 1 person says “I’m Offended” and everything stops.

Have a look at Military Callsigns are we going to stop them because 1 person thinks it offensive? Our interpretation of what is offensive can’t be based on 1 person, otherwise the entire network could be shut down.