PTT cutting out when running MSFS

Whenever I run MSFS, my PTT cuts out randomly. This happens with vPilot when connected as a pilot as well as with AFV when running tower view as a controller. Sometimes I can transmit perfectly fine, the next minute the transmission cuts out after a few seconds (as seen by the TX light going out). It seems to be totally random when it works and when it doesn’t.

I have a similar issue with Discord PTT cutting out when MSFS is running, which makes me think that the issue is related to MSFS rather than vPilot/AFV/Discord.

  • I always run vPilot, AFV and Discord in admin mode.
  • I have a wireless Microsoft keyboard (in case it’s somehow related to this?).
  • I have the same PTT for vPilot and AFV but a different one for Discord.
  • I never have any issues with transmissions cutting out when I run AFV/Discord without MSFS running (i.e. controlling without tower view).

Any help would be much appreciated!