Procedure for flying to Leeward Point/Guantanamo (MUGM)

Hello, this is my first time asking a question on these forums so I’ll get straight to the point. Recently, I flew from the mainland US to the Naval Station at Guantanamo, Cuba when there were no controllers online covering Cuba’s airspace. I followed what I could piece together of the proper arrival and approach procedures and the flight was uneventful. My question is as follows: given MUGM’s unique status, in situations when Havana center is online, should I treat the airfield as any other, and ask for clearance to approach/land, or should I remain on unicom and fly as if there was no ATC present. For what its worth, I switched over to VFR and descended to FL170 before entering the Havana FIR; as far as I understand, in the real world, pilots flying to MUGM avoid contact with Havana center, instead contacting approach controllers at the Naval Station. Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Unless there is some LOA then VATSIM only has geographically based control. Generally if an airport is geographically situated within a country’s authority then no-one else has it. There are exceptions.

I always send the closest ATC a message if I’m departing and ask if they provide services. Inbound they will generally call you.

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Gotcha. I suspected this was the case but was unsure. Thanks.