Problem with my microphone transmission

Hello when I start a flight controllers have no problem to hear me transmitting with my microphone. After a certain time of flight, sometimes controllers tell me that my transmission is not good. I tried to unplug and replug my micro , no effect. I have to disconnect from XPilot and reconnect XPilot and then it works fine.
Is this à known problem and how to avoid it ? Thanks.

It is a pity not to get any support on my problem :rofl:

maybe it’s timing out

google “vpilot port triggering” or “port forwarding”

i had to do it also, or voice would time out after a certain number of minutes. its some basic configuration in your router that will tell it to keep the voice ports open as long as vpilot is operating

Do you mean a parameters in the internet box ? I checked in the box program but found nothing in the parameters.
Or a parameter in windows on the PC ?

actually upon further research it does not appear port triggering is needed anymore. nevermind!