Problem updating vatspy

when trying to update vatspy I am getting an error (from 1.3.3 to 1.3.4)
and when trying to download from the website the installer my anti-virus stops me (probably false positive but still…)

and fix to the error (I know I can disable my anti-virus to download)
error 1

After disabling my anti-virus and downloading the file, as soon as I reenable the AV it removes it immediately.

Hello Bar,

Based on your initial troubleshooting, it appears your security software is incorrectly detecting VAT-Spy as malware. Probably due to the reputation database for your antivirus.

Your next troubleshooting steps would be to add the VAT-Spy program, exe, folder, or process to the antivirus exception list. This would exclude VAT-Spy from being scanned. If you’re not familiar with these steps, your security software documentation should explain how to accomplish this task.

VAT-Spy itself is working fine, the problem was only the installer.
I was able to get it installed by disabling my anti-virus (Kaspersky BTW, been using it for over a decade)

I guess just weird false positive ¯_(ツ)_/¯

File a false positive report with your AV provider

False positives are common with most security programs because the vendor must balance your computer’s protection with user productivity and disruption. A tough balance indeed these days. I have experience with a variety of these programs, and each one I’ve had to maintain an exception list to allow application functionality.