Problem again with xPilot and networking second computer for side view monitors

this problem I had already with an older version, for unknow reasons it has been fixed by itself. Now with Beta 48 all starts again.

my simulator works with two networking computers, the master does everything plus front view monitor, the slave does only the side view monitors. I want to see the vatsim-generated traffic not only on the front view monitor, I also want to see them on the side view monitors.

Beta 48 is installed on both machines and connects to XP11 when started and also connect to the network, the master or the slave, only one can go online.

Unlike with the older version the command [.visualip] in the xPilot on the master for the slave does not show the textbox and any traffic on the side view monitors.

According to the manual, in config-file I have to change the attribute for “UseTcpSocket”: from false to true, XP11 has to be down before. But changing this attribute from false to true causes the problem, that xPilot does not connect with XP11.

…help is needed please, I am blind on the left and right

When I had this problem about a year ago with the older version, I connected the xPilot on the slave in “Observer Mode” with an additional letter to my call sign, but then I got trouble by the Vatsim management, which I don´t understant up to now. The manual says, this can be used when having two pilots in the cockpit, one is connected regularily, the second in observer mode…

I really hope somebody with multiple sim instances can help. I currently don’t have a setup to try if beta.48 is not working (please confirm by trying an older version).

Maybe the docs are a bit unclear. This is how I think it is supposed to work:

  • on PC1 and PC2 set UseTcpSocket: true in <X-Plane>/Resources/plugins/xPilot/Resources/Config.json (technically that changes from local-machine IPC communication to TCP)
  • start X-Plane on PC1 and PC2
  • start xPilot on PC1. If there is no connection, enter .simip (and if that does not work, try the LAN IP of your machine, like 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x for example)
  • start xPilot on PC1 and enter .visualip <PC2>. Restart xPilot.

You should only start 1 instance of xPilot in your network (on PC1 in this example).
.simip <PCX> sets the X-Plane instance that is used for your position (and frequencies).
.visualip <PC2> <PC3> ... sets additional X-Plane instances that just receive multiplayer aircraft.

You shall not use “Observer mode” with an already connected login / CID. Multiple connections are not permitted as per CoC A8. The solution are clients that are able to share their single VATSIM connection (like xPilot in this case :wink: ).