Private training Server

Me and my friend want to practice with each other on the controller role for our upcoming tests to be an actual controller.

The problem is we are new to the controller thing and we dont have the instractor role to run sweatbox for training.

Is there any way we can start our own server, where one is acting as the controller and one as the pilots (controlling the simuleted planes)?

We want this to be private so we dont bother the instrators that use sweatbox.
just between us two.

thank you

Yes, you can, but it’s a lot of work for something that probably won’t be very useful for you. You will have to create the simulator files by yourself and you probably won’t even know if one of you did things correctly or not, as neither of you is a controller yet.

If you decide you still want to go for it: EuroScope comes with a built-in FSD server that can be used for exactly the thing you want to use it for. You can find an explanation at (make sure you also read essentially everything else on simulations in that manual, you’re going to need it to create and run the sim files).
The license key can be found at

TL;DR: Don’t bother, your mentors will train you.

Hi, I try to understand how to get into a session with this FSD server and i cant figure it out. can you explain a bit more on how to do it? thank you
and btw, the mentors have a pretty long waiting list so it will take time. thats why we want to practice by ourselves. plus, we have friends that are controllers so they know whats wrong and right.

thanks for the help

  • start the FSD and EuroScope
  • in the EuroScope connect dialogue set connection mode to “Start Sweatbox simulator session”, Server to (you can type into that field), uncheck “connect to VATSIM”, select a scenario file under Simulator server, fill out the rest of the connect dialogue as per usual (Rating has to be S3 or above, the server doesn’t care what your actual rating is, just set it to S3)
  • Click connect

hi, thank you very much for the help so far.
i did everything good and i just have one last problem.
i need to connect my friend as the controller and i am the instactor.
how do i connect him to the session? thanks

Not really a sweatbox question, but the easiest way is to use something like Hamachi (or a different VPN client) to join a common VPN. Other options (like port forwarding or other NAT tricks) are also possible, I’ll leave this question to the network guys.

All the ports that you have to forward to your machine is listed here: