Presentation NordFly | New Branding

Presentation NordFly | New Branding -the virtual airline from the north-

NordFly is an official IVAO & VATSIM partner airline and with this article we would like to introduce you to the airline and win you over as a pilot.

What is a virtual airline anyway?
A virtual airline (VA) is a virtual organization that uses flight simulation to simulate the operation of an airline or its economic system.
These are either real airlines, which are then simulated accordingly, or they are fictitious (invented) VAs.

What is NordFly?
NordFly is a purely fictitious virtual airline founded in 2020 by several members.
The VA headquarters is located in the most beautiful city in the world: Hamburg.
Whether short-, medium- or long-haul, NordFly takes off from Hamburg, Berlin and Stockholm, among other places, to destinations all over the world and brings its virtual passengers safely to their destinations.

And why should I fly for a virtual airline?
I’m sure you started your career as an IVAO pilot the way almost everyone did:
Bought or already had the simulator, installed the pilot client and the MTL’s/CSL’s, selected the airline, created the flight plan, filed it and flew off.

A great thing, but not very challenging over time and this is where the concept of a virtual airline comes in.
A virtual airline gives you the opportunity to integrate yourself into a “company”, to get in contact with other virtual pilots and to offer you new challenges through tours, VA specific routes and events.

What makes NordFly different from other virtual airlines?
NordFly has focused on the fun of flight simulation as well as the community.
While most VA’s fixate on the economic simulation of an airline, NordFly offers you a VA that completely dispenses with a financial system.
Nevertheless, NordFly offers you an accurate and detailed statistical analysis of individual, monthly or even yearly flights with its flight recording.

Also the word “type rating” is a foreign word, because we are convinced that every pilot should fly the aircraft he knows best.
Therefore, NordFly offers you the opportunity to fly the aircraft of your choice from our fleet right from the start.
As far as flying for NordFly is concerned, you always have free choice. You can generate your own flight or you can book a flight from over 400 planned flights of NordFly.

Doesn’t flying for NordFly take up much more time?
You might think that initially, but NordFly’s system is designed to take as little time as possible and works on a simple principle after flight entry: Click and Fly.

Only after setting the parking brake and shutting down the engines you have to open our ACARS (tracking software) again and end your flight, after that you will directly receive a statistical evaluation / overview of your flight with various parameters.

Which hubs are available at NordFly?

· Hamburg | EDDH
· Berlin | EDDB
· Stockholm | ESSA
· Uetersen | EDHE (VFR)

What does NordFly offer you as a pilot?

:white_check_mark:Self created free flights
:white_check_mark:Regular events
:white_check_mark:Monthly Destionation of the Month (DotM)
:white_check_mark:Tours with awards
:white_check_mark:Changing summer & winter schedule
:white_check_mark:Flight time based ranks
:white_check_mark:Fly Online & Offline
:white_check_mark:Monthly Screenshot Contest

· a strong community within the Discord server of NordFly
· monthly changing Destionation of the Month with Award
· Events
· a Simbrief integration in our OperationCenter
· state of the art software
· a fleet consisting of 13 different types of aircraft
· high quality liveries, made by professional painting partners
· Regular discount promotions on selected products from our partners
· and much more!

:x:Hub Binding
:x:Mandatory Cost Index
:x:Type Ratings
:x:Financial system
:x:Departure airport restriction
:x:Type Ratings
:x:no online constraint
:x:No minimum flight time

Convinced? Become a pilot at NordFly.

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Not convinced yet?

Visit our website and get more detailed information about NordFly:
You have questions? Then feel free to send us an e-mail to:

One airline is too boring for you?`
No problem! Since November 2022 the virtual airline FlyHoliday Airlines belongs to the NordFly Group.
As a NordFly Pilot you are allowed to fly for FlyHoliday after a short personal briefing.

You want to be more than just a pilot?
Nothing better than that! NordFly is almost continuously looking for behind-the-scenes support. Become part of the team and contribute to NordFly.
You can find current job postings here

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