Policy / Procedure Question

This is probably going to be a dead no but I have to ask.
I am planning a flight over Graceland, however it is SMACK DAB in the middle of the KMEM class B airspace. like 1500 feet from the runway. I have been trying to do all my recent flights on VATSIM for my stream and my current route is the concert tou that Elvis had planned for the week after his death, with a finish off by flying over graceland.
Should I not do VATSIM for this flight ? or can I get special permission ? how does this work ?

It’s certainly possible. If there’s a controller online that covers MEM, you’ll have to ask for a clearance through the Class B airspace. If there is no controller, make sure to announce on CTAF so that arriving or departing traffic knows where you are. It’s a good practice to try to do this during minimal traffic.