PMDG 737-800 vs FENIX a320

Hey! I recently got Microsoft Flight Simulator and am currently flying the freeware FlyByWire Airbus a32nx I was thinking of getting some quality payware aircraft. The ones that stood out for me were the Fenix A320 and the PMDG 737’s. I’ve read a lot about both and cannot decide. I used to fly the Zibo 737-800 previously in X-Plane 11. Which one has more features or functions? Leave your honest opinion/recommendation below :wink:

A bit of a late response, but my thoughts: I’ve spent many hours in the PMDG 737-800…it is an outstanding aircraft. But I wanted to expand my skills a bit, so a week ago I got the FBW A320, and watched a bunch of videos to get up to speed. Only maybe three days ago did I feel comfortable to fly the FBW on VATSIM. It is also a very excellent aircraft. Caveat…I’m flying the experimental version, as it has VNAV, whereas the stable version does not.

I’ve not flown the Fenix A320, but people seem to say it’s a little bit better than the FBW, but not by much. I believe it’s an older version of the aircraft, if that matters.

I would say that if you want a minimal learning curve, then get the Fenix…it should be a snap to learn with your FBW experience. The PMDG will be a significant learning curve, as it’s a very different beast with less automation (i.e. switching ground/APU/engine generators, starting procedure, manual altitude setting for pressurization system, etc.).

Regardless, get one, then budget for the next one!

Re-learning the 737 shouldn’t be that hard thus I think that I’m going to get the pmdg 737-8 simply because it brings back nostalgia from the x-plane times.

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