Pilot Training Department - Primary Operations Inspector

We currently have the following vacancies in the Primary Operations Inspector (POI) team:

Europe (excluding UK)
3 x POIs

1 x POI

South America
1 x POI

Primary Operations Inspectors oversee VATSIM Authorized Training Organizations (ATOs) within their region. Duties include reviewing the courses and training material produced by ATOs, conducting audits to assess the standard of training being offered by ATOs and ensuring that ATOs are operating in accordance with PTD policies, and acting as a point of contact to aid and assist ATOs in their mission to deliver high quality training to VATSIM members. POIs help ATOs with queries they may have regarding PTD goals and policies and provide support and assistance to develop ATOs’ training offering.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced VATSIM Pilot with excellent interpersonal skills, a good standard of aviation knowledge, experience of real or virtual flight instruction and a passion for teaching and developing VATSIM pilots. Ideally you will hold a VATSIM pilot rating, whether obtained via an ATO or a real-world license transfer, though applications from experienced and knowledgeable virtual pilots who have not yet decided to pursue a rating are also welcomed.

For more information regarding the Pilot Training Department, the PTD Policy document can be found at https://vatsim-my.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/ptd-documents/ptd-1000-pilot-training-department-policy.pdf

If you have any questions regarding the role, you can contact Simon Kelsey - Vice President Pilot Training or Eric Steiner - Training Standards Team Lead for an informal chat.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Primary Operations Inspector Role and Duties

● Conducts daily monitoring, assistance, and compliance assurance of Authorized Training Organizations (ATOs)

● Assist and supports ATOs and their Chief Flight Instructors as appropriate and/or required on matters relating to meeting the standards set forth by the VATSIM Pilot Training Department

● Audit assigned ATOs on a rotational and on-demand basis

● Actively helps assigned ATOs by answering questions and providing clarification of department documents as needed

● Assist where needed in other areas of the Pilot Training Department

Applications can be submitted here: https://my.vatsim.net/vacancies/52