Pilot Training Department - Pilot Training Manager

The VATSIM Pilot Training Department is looking for applications for Pilot Training Managers. The job description is as follows:

Pilot Training Managers are responsible for reviewing Pilot Feedback reports and taking any further action deemed necessary. This action could include contacting the pilot involved to discuss the incident further and/or provide reference and training material, or, in cases where it Version 2 Uncontrolled when distributed P 11/19 PTD 1000 PTD Policy is considered that enforcement action is appropriate, compiling a case and forwarding details to the Supervisor department.

Pilot Training Managers:

● Review reports forwarded by a Feedback Analyst and assess if further action is required

● Where appropriate, contact members to provide relevant information and training materials to help avoid a recurrence of the incident

● Forward cases of reckless or malicious violations to the Supervisor team with recommendations

● Record all actions taken in Terminal as appropriate

Applications can be submitted here: VATSIM Connect | VATSIM - The International Online Flying Network