Pilot Client Help?

I am new to VATSIM. I am a private pilot, but I do not hold a current medical. I am very capable of flying the aircraft in X-Plane 12.

However, I am really having difficulty figuring out how to install a pilot client in order to connect with the network and talk to ATC etc.

When I click on XPilot I don’t know what version to select. There are a ton to select from? Is Swift a better pilot client? Which of these and versions are compatible with X-Plane 12?

I consider myself proficient with computers and understanding software, but I don’t know why I’m having such hard time understanding these pilot clients and how to download and set them up. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

Install whatever the latest version of xPilot is, usually the one at the top of the list. If you install an earlier version it will prompt you to update anyway.

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reading the doc Installation | xPilot for VATSIM might also be of help

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Thanks for the info!