Pilot Client Feature Request

With CRC, controllers are able to close taxiways and runways. At Charlotte, runway 5/23 is closed, and unless the pilot downloads scenery with this closed runway, they are unable to have the runway markings. Is there a way in vPilot/xPilot to add runway markings for closures to scenery without having to reload the simulator?

I’m reasonably certain no pilot client can do that. They are simply meant to be a connection between you, your sim, and the online network; they are not meant to act as a flight simulator manager.

With the above being said, in theory, it should be possible by sourcing that data and turning it into downloadable scenery.

Doesn’t seem like an easy task, however.

The “without realoading the simulator” is probably the biggest issue here. The only way I see that working is if everything was already a part of the scenery, and controlled by some sort of API.

I think there was an EFHK scenery at some point that allowed VATSIM controllers to manage stopbars and such - but the problem with such a scenery is that not everyone will have it, so you can’t reliably utilize it. Unless of course we mandate that people use certain sceneries, which would be a whole other discussion.

That’s the case with any closure you decide to simulate on VATSIM, though (unless it’s a very permanent one which then again might cause problems once that particular part of the airport is opened again as people might not be able to use it in their sceneries). But you should usually be able to work around that VATSIMism by just not assigning the closed taxiways/runways, which is something you wouldn’t do anyways with a closure.
I mean, I don’t know how things were done in the US before CRC, but over here :tm:, closures have been simulated for a long time by simply showing the closure on the controllers’ scopes and not assigning the closed areas. The only “problems” that occasionally occur are when parking stands are included in the closure as some people may still spawn in that area.

I remember, but that’s the point I was trying to make. It has to be something coded directly on the scenery and controlled somewhere, pilot clients can’t just dinamically add stuff to sceneries