Piarco FIR . I don't hear most of the other pilots talking


In the last few weeks I started to fly in Piarco FIR (mainly in and out of TBPB. And in that area I have a strange phenomenon with vPilot audio: While I hear the controler (Piarco Center) loud and clear, I don’t hear most of the other pilots on the frequency. Only some few of them I hear. So it’s very complicated to contact the controller, as I am not aware, if some other pilot is already talking to him.

I am flying most of the time in Europe and a little bit in North America - and I never had this phenomenon in these areas. I don’t know, whom to contact (maybe Piarco FIR?). Obviously the setting for the transmission range of the pilots in that region is not configured correctly. Maybe some of the users here have an idea, what must be changed by whom.

I use P3Dv5 latest HF and vPilot latest version with server set to “Automatic”.

Sounds like the controller(s) haven’t activated cross-coupling (XC), so a pilot can only hear others in “line of sight”

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