Piarco FIR Deputy Air Traffic Manager(DATM)

The Piarco FIR which consists of 9 Primary TMA’s and over 20 airports is looking to recruit a Deputy Air Traffic Manager (DATM)

Assistance with administration, training and continual development of the FIR will be some of the roles executed by the Deputy Air Traffic Manager (DATM).

In the event of absence of the ATM the DATM will assume all roles of the ATM.

The successful candidate will be expected to maintain an online presence on the VATCAR discord and the VATSIM network and will report to the ATM.

The duties are not limited to those described above or below and the DATM will be assigned additional duties from time to time.

Deputy Air Traffic Manager Requirements

  • Minimum of Student 2 (S2) Rating
  • Minimum 1 year of active experience on the VATSIM Network
  • Strong knowledge of ICAO procedures (ICAO 4444)
  • Previous staff experience is an asset
  • Candidate upon offer of position will be required to transfer to the VATCAR Division if not already a VATCAR controller
  • Must have no significant disciplinary history or record of unprofessional behaviour


  • Administration of the FIR Roster
  • Administration of the Facility in the absence of the Air Traffic Manager
  • Provide Facility Reports to be submitted to Division Executive on request.
  • Assisting in development and rollout of major projects with the FIR
  • Maintain an online presence on the VATSIM and Discord servers
  • Functions as FIR senior staff member
  • Attend meetings to report on FIR activities and to stay abreast of VATCAR issues and policies
  • Assists in coordination of position assignments and position restrictions when necessary
  • Other duties as assigned by the ATM

Interested persons, should email an application to atm@piarco.vatcar.net

Applications for this position close February 28th, 2023

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