Pakistan International Airlines Virtual Hajj Operations 2023

Dear Pilots and members of this VA, You know what time of the year it is !

We at Pakistan International Airlines Virtual staff unveil our Annual Hajj Operations 2023, Formally kicking off by the later stage of this month with specified dates being announced very soon, according to the mutual decision which will be made among all Pilots and staff.

For the year 2023, we’ve come up with a whole lot of new ideas to make this event the best of this year!

  • We plan to introduce an all-new Pilot Rostering and Scheduling System, which will be utilized to make our Week-long Hajj Ops smoother than ever. We will also design one manually, as a backup.
    Our operations will include 2 different phases, The Roster Phase and a Final Showdown all the Way from Jeddah to Pakistan !
  1. The Roster Phase
    We will set up a new Channel dedicated for this purpose only. Soon, we’ll be collecting all names of those who will be interested to ferry passengers from various aerodromes within Pakistan, to the hotspots in KSA (Riyadh, Medina, Jeddah)

From Pakistan these will include the 3 main airports (Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi) with the most number of schedules.
-Secondary airports (Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Sialkot)
-Tertiary airports (Faisalabad, RYK, Turbat, Bhawalpur, Gwadar, Sukkur)
-All Pakistani carriers ( PIA, Airblue, Airsial, SereneAir ) Would be inculcated in your rosters.

Each pilot signed up will have a total of 3 sectors, (Inbound & outbound, Example KHI-JED and JED-KHI is one sector), Pilots can request specific sectors due to simulator limitations, time etc. These sectors may also include domestic flights (Example SKZ-KHI and KHI onwards). Pilots might fly these legs according to their comfort.
These Rosters will be designed in such a way that all pilot who are participating will be positioned lastly in JED, from where we will commence phase 2, The Final Event.

2-The Final Showdown

As the name suggests, we will be flying back to Pakistan From JED, an event will be organized by your very own staff, coupled with max ATC on departure and arrival. All pilots participating the Roster system MUST be repositioned to JED a day prior to the event, and for those who could not participate in Phase 1 will be most welcome to accompany in Phase 2. We will once again collect names, create slots and most importantly, hangout in the VCs and have fun !

:small_orange_diamond: This is all for now, @Pilot and members of this VA are strongly encouraged to bring about any suggestions they have in the respective channel.
Specified Information regarding all Dates, times will follow up on the earliest.
:small_orange_diamond: All Pilots who will be signed up and complete their legs in Phase 1 will receive the respective Certificate.

Team PIAv

PIAv Official Discord : PIA Virtual