P3Dv5 Model Matching

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry if this has been asked before but I don’t really quite understand how to navigate this matter… I am currently using P3D v5 and somewhat new at VATSIM (couple of months). Unlike other virtual networks, it is my understanding that VATSIM does not provide any models or textures to visualize online traffic.

After some research, I came across with FLAI, but I quickly found out this is no longer being provided or updated. Also, it is my understanding that other virtual network models and textures could be use in vPilot. Is this an option? If so, is there a custom rule to be added to vPilot? If this is not the case, what models and textures can be used and with which model matching rules? The ones from FLAI are apparently not available anymore and very old tobe used in P3D V5.

Thank you!


You’ll have to decide on downloading freeware AI (e.g. WoAI, AIG, etc.) or purchasing your own payware AI to enhance your experience and see most others in a more realistic livery. Unfortunately (very long story), through no fault of their own, the creators of FLAI lost the ability to utlize the models that they had in their package.