P0 Test popup won't go away?

Trying to start working on some learning cernter stuff on MyVATSIM, but despite my having both completed and passed the initial member exam and also gotten my PPL recognized, every time I nav into a learning center page it puts up a huge dialog asking if I am ‘READY TO TAKE THE P0 EXAM?’ and I have to dismiss it. Can anyone advise how I can stop this from happening? It shows me in my training history as having passed it.

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Hello Jacob,
Did you try and logout of myVATSIM and relogin again? I have seen that you have recieved the P1 - PPL Pilots license.

I also experience this even after completing the orientation test.

I just tried logging out, then logged back in but it still keeps popping up. Same in incognito mode.

I have the same issue. Logging out and in didn’t help.

Same for me. It keeps popping up inspite of clearing it. Tried logging out and logging in.

Hey y’all,

Just an FYI that we are looking into this - we’ve received both these reports as well as some via email.
I’ll post here once we know more.

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Hey folks,

This should be fixed now - we’ve stopped the problem from occurring in the future and cleared the cache of everyone’s old P0 exam timers.

Thanks for your patience while we figured that out!


Thank you folks for the investigation and fix!

I verify, for me, the issue seems to be gone. :relieved:

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