P0 exam unable to be seen


I’ve reactivated my account from 2018 and would like to complete the P0 exam. Have completed the course, but unable to see exam.


Hi Gary, and welcome back!

Since you joined VATSIM prior to the New Member Orientation (P0) requirement, you are “grandfathered” from that requirement.

Again, welcome back!

Very Many Thanks Don!

Hello there,

I would also like to know if this applies to me - if anyone could check.

I joined VATSIM in 2016 but dedicating time for it was just “wishful thinking” for way too many years … I hope I can change this in 2024.

In my account’s Profile I can read:

Controller rating = OBS
Pilot Rating = NEW

Under My Exams … there’s nothing. In the meantime I registered with VATSIM UK and having fun with the Exercises listed there.


It does.

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