P0 Exam Issue - VPilot stating I haven't completed the exam

G’day, yesterday I found out about vatsim and I am a pretty big aviation geek myself so I followed the instructions on how to download it. Then I went ahead and completed my new orientation exam. I hopped on msfs and used VPilot to connect. Then it flagged up as the issue attached below, I thought it was just a simple problem and I tried the exam again. Every time I click take it states that the timer is finished before I even start, then it fails me immediately. So I left it until today and hoped it would work, it didn’t. Any tips on how, would be appreciated. Or if a moderator could help me out that would be awesome. Cheers!


I have also a problem with P0 - “time remaining: 00:00”. I was trying to do it maybe 10 times but it still sew the same info. Can someone help me and unblocked it?

We’re looking into this. Some issues yesterday caused problems with the rating upgrades.

UPDATE: This should be fixed now.

I have still that problem on my account. “Your exam was submitted because you ran out of time!”.