Option to mute model matching error messages

Hi, first up, thanks for developing and maintaining vPilot; I use it almost every day!

When flying online, I get streams of red text messages saying vPilot can’t find the equipment/livery combo that another pilot is using. (I use BAVirtual, AIG, and FLai, in that order of model matching preference…) I might get a string of Emirates 777 equipment/livery combos or Lufthansa A320 equipment/livery combos - there are a lot of option out there!).

It would be great to have a checkbox option to turn these messages off. I don’t think they should be disabled, never to appear, because some folks want the info to debug their AI settings.

This is a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have, so if it’s relatively easy to implement, great. I’m not a programmer so I have no idea what’s involved.

Again, thanks for everything vPilot.

Those error messages aren’t actually caused by vPilot not finding a match. Those errors occur after vPilot has found a match in your VMR files, and it tells the sim to create an aircraft using that model, and the sim throws an error. Unfortunately, the errors reported by the sim don’t specify why it failed to create the model, but it’s usually because the model isn’t actually installed, or its files are corrupt. (As the error message states.)

In other words, the errors are important, because they’re highlighting a problem with your setup. Your VMR file refers to models that aren’t installed properly or are corrupted.