Operation Deep Freeze 2022-2023


I would like to invite all of the Vatsim Special Operations(VSO) groups to Operation Deep Freeze this year. Operation Deep Freeze involves VSO forces providing operational and logistical support for the National Science Foundation(NSF) scientific research activities in Antarctica. Christchurch International Airport, New Zealand, is the staging point for deployments to McMurdo Station, Antarctica, a key research and operations facility.

This is a massive logistical undertaking, involving long-range transport and cargo aircraft, shorter-range turboprops as well as helicopter operations.
ATC coverage will be provided by VATNZ https://www.vatnz.net/.

This operation is open to all VSO’s and all most simulator platforms. FSX, FSX-SE, P3D, Xplane, and MSFS.

This year’s operational dates are as follows.
Deploy – November 1
Winfly – November 27th – December 24th
Mainbody – December 25th – January 22nd
Redeployment January 23rd – February 5th
More information to follow.

The event Discord link is

I hope everyone can make plans to attend.


William Friedman, vGen, vUSAF A1000I
Chief of Staff