On flybywire down on prog button differences

on flybywire on mcdu when press prog down aobove gps primary have
required 1.00nm accur high estimeted 0.04nm
normaly required estimeted how i can set it the same.

Hi John,

what exactly do you want to do? Set the same value for “REQUIRED” and for “ESTIMATED”?

look down thre photo

the requied and estimaded must have the same number 1 00nm 1 00 nm not 0 04nm

The estimated position precision must be equal or less than the required position precision of 1.00NM. In this context “less” means “more precise than required”. For example, if your estimated position precision (=current!) is 0.04NM then this means that your FMS can navigate much more precisely compared to the required 1.00NM.


All clear now?

ok thank you for the answer !