Obtaining a VATSIM OAuth token for an accessible flight tracker app

Hey all!

I’m the developer of VATRadar, a screenreader-accessible iOS app that allows to track flights on VATSIM, while also providing detailed info on active ATC coverage across the network.

As I am a fully blind sim pilot and have been very actively flying on VATSIM for several years, I wanted to build a solution which would enable myself and others to browse network activity in a non-visual way, as most similar tools which are already out there are unfortunately a bit complicated to use from an accessibility standpoint due to how they are designed. Hence VATRadar was born as a spare time hobby project, it is currently far from complete but an open beta is available through the website linked above, and I’m happy to say this has been gaining quite a bit of popularity within the growing community of blind VATSIM pilots out there.

The next major feature which I’m currently working on is the ability to receive push notifications on your device when flying on Unicom and about to enter controlled airspace, which I hope will be especially useful during longer non-event flights where a pilot might have to step away from the keyboard for a bit, letting them know when it is time to return and establish contact with ATC.
In order to accomplish this, however, I will need some way for users to register, and while I could do this by having them provide an Email address and password followed by asking them to provide their CID for flight tracking, I feel that a much more straightforward approach would be to have users authenticate using VATSIM SSO, this would minimize the data which I need to collect from users while also verifying that the CID linked to their profile does indeed belong to them.

Based on the VATSIM OAuth documentation, however, I’m not sure if I as an external service provider would be eligible to receive an OAuth token, or if this is exclusively reserved for VATSIM divisions and organizations.
I’d much appreciate some info on this, and if there could be a way for me to obtain such a token, I’d love to get that conversation / approval process going :-).

Also, in case you’re reading this and feeling curious about the app, do feel free to check it out! While it is designed primarily with blind and low vision users in mind, anyone is most welcome to take it for a spin and share feedback, just please do keep in mind that there is absolutely no eye candy in this at all, there are some icons, but literally all the info presented by the app is textual only.

Thanks for reading, and for any help with my question! :slight_smile:

Check out Connect / OAuth2 | VATSIM.dev for details on developing with VATSIM Connect. You can use the sandbox environment for development and once you are ready for production you can fill out an application for an organisation (found on the above link.)

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Hey Chris,

Thanks a lot for the info, that’s greatly appreciated!
I was unaware of the sandbox environment, thanks for pointing this out. I’ll get to work on integrating this into my backend for testing, and will submit the application form when ready.