"No Plan Filed" on my flight status

Why am I seeing in my flight status (stats.vatsim.net) that my flight was without a flight plan? I submitted the flight plan (via Simbrief) and I connected with the same CID and same callsign (5 minutes after submission), but yet it shows “No Plan Filed”

NOTE: there was no ATC coverage at the time

I’ve found that your filed flight plan will disappear after a short period of time. Now I file just before flying. The problem that I’ve found is I can’t amend my FP like I could previously.

Sometimes, the flight plan is not properly connected by the dataserver on the database that the statistics center uses. It does not necessarily mean you didn’t have a flight plan during the flight, it could be just an issue with the stats database.

FSD deletes flight plans if you do not connect within 2 hours of filing it, or if you disconnect from the network for more than 1 hour.

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