No longer able to import Flight Plan from LNM

Since the change today requiring trhe laborious filling out of a flight plan on a website rather than a simple direct import from LNM, I was unable to file a flight plan as I did not know how/what to fill in the fields, I was anyway VFR and tried to fly without one but the controller insisted on one, and I gave up and abandoned my Vatsim flight. I fly many types of piston planes with different equipment configurations and I have no interest in looking up codes to fill in a form before I fly, especially when the previous process (LNM: export to vPilot, vPilot: Import from LNM) was so quick, efficient, simple, and worked so well. So my feedback for this change is: why de-automate something that was previously so well automated? Why increase workload for pilots and time wasted not flying? This is a major disincentive to flying on Vatsim for me.


For most vfr planes generally something like SGDY for the equipment should be fitting (or leave the g away if you have no gps at all) and for vatsim purpouses all pilot clients would make the transponder LB1 capable, or for older vfr aircraft just C for the transponder would be more fitting.

In theory the g in the equipment would necessitate filling also the extent of the gnss equippment in the remarks, but for a quick vfr flightplan I definitely leave that away

I’m switching to Swift as it can import a flight plan from LNM, but thanks for your response :slight_smile:

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I am having same issue, when i logged in to vPilot it took me to VATSIM Flight plan page? I filed like 5x and it still doesn’t work? Why add all this , any alternatives?

Works fine for me since it was introduced as an option years ago. Any error messages shown by the form?

The reasoning was discussed here:

Also mentioned in that thread is the possibility of a simplified form for VFR plans.

As a pilot, knowing how to fill out a flight plan is a basic skill that should be as well understood as normal radio procedure or knowing when to use the flaps. It isn’t hard; There are thousands of pages with examples. It is easy to learn. If you managed to pass the exams to get onto VATSIM, you have already proved that you can learn something like filling out a flight plan correctly. All you need to know fits on one side of an 8 1/2 by 11 paper. I’m not feeling your pain. I flew professionally for forty-seven years IRL; even the newest nugget pre-solo stud could do it. I’d suggest you “get with the program,” but that might get you choked up, so I won’t.

Your milage my vary - clean side up. Plan your flight and fly your plan.

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VFR flights are not required to have a flightplan. Per the CoC, flightplans are encouraged. So ATC was mis-informing you.

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That’s not true, it dependes on the area. VFR flight plans are required here in Brazil for instance if you’re departing an airport inside C airspace

So the newblayout on the website is the ICAO layout. The vpilot one is FAA. If you want something to auto fill the plan, use simbrief. Not everything needs to be filled out either…