No Aircraft showing at airports

I am new to Euroscope and have spent the last two days fighting with this. I can see the sector file contents ok and Gatwick when I load the SMR, but when I connect and select the runways and type .vis EGKK I get no aicrafts showing. I feel I have missed something in the setup since I can see the airctaft in the sector view. Please Help.

Setting up Euroscope is not an easy task and in essence only for controllers, who’ll have access to the sectorfiles etc from their local vatsim organisation. If you are a controller in the UK, please check their website for info regarding the setup of Euroscope.

It is straightforward, once set up. When you start Euroscope, the system asks if it should revert to the named file, you should say “no” to anything else than the sector file. In Euroscope you should activate the sectorfile only. When you open the airport files you will see the planes. Hope this helps. Raf