New vPilot Flight Plan Questions

Starting a VATSIM flight today, I was surprised when I was presented with the “new and improved” web-based flight plan page. I have a few questions regarding using this new format but not on the reasons for this change (I have seen the discussions !). I would appreciate some help on the following:

The flight plan web page states that after a flight plan has been filed, it will not have to be refiled (I imagine for a future flight). Today I filed two flight plans, KORD-KLGA and KHPN-KORD so:

  1. How do I select one of the above flight plans for a flight ? I don’t see any sort of a dropdown or similar facility to select a flight plan since " You will not need to re-file your flight plan when connected" is clearly stated on the web page.

  2. A flight plan can be reused but it is not 100% reusable, e.g., different route, different FL, etc. How do I access, modify and then file a previously filed plan ? The “ICAO FPL” button does not give the option to select a previously filed plan and I don’t see another way of doing it.

  3. I no longer see an option for uploading a flight plan using the Simbrief *.vfp file. I am assuming this is gone too, correct ?

Thanks for your help

The current web-based flight plan page is still the old one (~4 years old at this point). The “new and improved” should be available in the next few days.
Currently, you can only have one flight plan on the website. After you file, it’ll stay on the network for 2 hours - after that time, it’s removed if you do not connect.

As for your questions:

  1. You don’t. The message is meant to say that after filing on the website, you did not need to file again using the pilot client. This doesn’t really make sense anymore, since that’s not available on the pilot client anymore.

  2. This functionality will be available on the new form

  3. The .vfp format uses the FAA equipment code, which we’re trying to move away from. In the future, we plan on introducing a new format to restore that functionality, but for now that won’t be available