New Vatsim Radar service Open Beta

Hey everyone! This is probably the best category I could find to make this announcement.

For last month I’ve been developing “yet another” Vatsim Radar webservice. Despite it’s current lack of features, it received mostly positive feedback from short audience I shared it to, so I decided to open it to public a bit earlier than expected.

My primary goal is to make ultimate service that will have best from SimAware, VatSpy - and more (detailed events/bookings for example!).

You may already find some interesting features out there, such as:

  • Gates on map
  • ATIS info on ATC hover
  • Faster data update time
  • Dep/Arr/Prefiles on map (something like in VatSpy)

And more to come!

Service link:

Roadmap: Vatsim Radar

Please report bugs, feedback and feature requests in service Discord server: Vatsim Radar

Most significant known issues:

  • Mobile version is not looking good and this is intended for now. Proper mobile version is planned
  • Vatsim Auth is not currently working since I wait for service approval

Enjoy! And feel free to say in comments wdy think :slight_smile:


Weather data you can get from here: API Documentation - RainViewer

How do you expect to show waypoints?

For now I probably will have a better solution with OpenWeatherMap. But if that doesn’t work out, RainViewer will do.

Navigraph data, just like with gates.

Are you planning on implementing accurate airspace structure, something like vatspy/vatglasses ?

All sectors/airports data goes directly from VatSpy and should equal to it. If something is different from it - it considered a bug.

As for VatGlasses sectors, I have plan to connect with them and ask permission for their data parsing. For now - circles as in VatSpy.

Hello Danila, good job, it looks like an ambitious project. I like the readability of the screen you’ve chosen good colours and fonts etc. The roadmap indicates it will be a very comprehensive tool when completed. Will it be possible to search for a pilot? To find a friend for example.

Hey there, thanks for the kind words. Our designer did her best :slight_smile: (she’s working on different aircraft icons rn).

Search for pilot is planned, but for friends we’ll also have favourite button, so you’ll be able to see those who you follow on map instantly!