[NEW PROCEDURES] Point Merge System at LPPT (WEF 16MAY2024)

Esteemed Aviators,

I bring you the latest news regarding a major airspace restructure in Lisbon, Portugal that will come into effect on the 16th of May.

We, at Portugal vACC, have spent the last few months updating our procedures, systems, and training some of our controllers so that we can introduce the new Point Merge System and the airspace restructuring on the same day as our real counterparts.

With that said, we have some major challenges ahead for which we need your help.

The airspace restructuring means that all the SIDs and STARs will be replaced overnight. So, we would like to ask you to get ready to update your navigation databases (AIRAC) on the 16th of May as our controllers will no longer be able to assign you the old SIDs and STARs.

With that said, we have developed contingency procedures in case you are unable to comply with the new ones, so that we are able to accommodate you, as always.

For arrivals, you can expect to be sequenced to the holding fix RINOR followed by a direct to UPKAT for RWY20 or to the holding fix ESP followed by a direct to PESEX for RWY 02. All these waypoints belong to the previous AIRAC and should be available in your navigation system.

For departures, expect to depart on runway heading, climbing to FL100.

Allow me a few quick words on the new Point Merge System. The most experienced among you might have flown a PMS in airports such as Dublin, Oslo or Milan Bergamo and the Lisbon one will be no different. For the ones that have not yet experienced it, let me show you:


The STAR will lead you to an arc equidistant from the merge point, which is the point where your ILS starts. In this case, the arc will be flown at a constant altitude and at 210 knots until such point the controller is ready to give a direct to the merge point and clear you for the approach. The purpose of the new system is to reduce the need for holding patterns and create an efficient continuous descent approach profile in the final stages of your flight, therefore saving the planet and reducing noise pollution (virtually :smiley: ). The charts will all the new procedures will be available on the 16th of May in the Portugal vACC website and can be accessed through the following link: Portugal vACC

As always, please come visit us and experience one of the most beautiful approaches in Europe!