New member registration problems

Hi. I’m a Commercial Pilot/ASEL/AMEL/Instrument rated pilot but haven’t flown in years due to a medical issue. I completed the new member orientation training and am having a couple of issues getting onboarded: 1) new member orientation exam is not being assigned so I’m unable to take the exam and 2) tried to submit my pilot license for transfer to pilot 3 rating but my submission fails with an “error 413”. Please help… Thanks.

Hi Brad,

since you seem to have a very senior VATSIM ID, you should NOT have to complete the new member orientation. If you are already able to connect to VATSIM as a pilot or as observer, you can skip this step, I guess.

For your other question better open a support ticket (blue button at the bottom of the options:

Ok thanks. I registered my ID backing 2006 but never got around to actually using VATSIM. A lot has changed since then! I’ll give support a try.

Hi !
I have the same issue and i cant register to pass the new member orientation exam. Can you help ?


Hi Felix,

Since you joined VATSIM prior to the New Member Orientation (P0) requirement, you are “grandfathered” from that requirement. Your membership account is active. You are all set!

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