New function "Right-clicking controllers in the list tune on either COM1 or COM2"

I tried new radio function and it does partially work but not quite 100% … at least not in my cockpit.
Right clicking the frequency in vPilot does connect me to te ATC or ATIS but does not change the frequency in VC (pedestal) and on my hardware COM radio modules. Should the new function change the frequency in VC (pedestal)?

It depends … if the frequency uses 25 KHz spacing (not 8.33) then vPilot will tell SimConnect to set the new frequency in the sim. If your VC reads the frequency from SimConnect, then it should change there.

Ross, thank you for your reply.
First of all I forgot to mention that I use only MSFS and PMDG 737 aircraft.
Excuse my ignorance but does that mean that I have to change some setting in simconnect.xml so the new COM function will work 100 % with all frequencies (25 KHz and 8.33 spacing)? As far as I can remember I never edited simconnect.xml settings.

No, you don’t need to do anything. vPilot as it exists today, cannot set 8.33 freqs through SimConnect. You can still use the .com# commands to talk to ATC, as you have seen, but it won’t change the freq in your sim. You have to use the actual radio stack in the aircraft to dial 8.33 freqs if you want to see the freq shown in your radio stack.

In other words, everything is working as intended for you, as far as I can tell from your original post.

The issue is that SimConnect hasn’t historically provided a way to set the frequencies with three decimal places of precision, and many 8.33 frequencies require that. MSFS and later versions of P3D did update SimConnect to fix this, but vPilot uses older SimConnect functions in order to maintain compatibility across all sims that vPilot supports, including older P3D versions, FSX, and FSX-SE.

I have it on my list to update vPilot to use the new SimConnect functions that work in MSFS and newer P3D versions, but that hasn’t happened yet. It’s not a priority for me since you can tune 8.33 freqs in the cockpit in those sims anyway.

Ross, thank you again for clear clarification. Since I have hardware COM modules in my “cockpit” I will probably use radios as I use to do (manual dialing).
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the VATSIM community.
Have fun