New Account Suspended!

So, Im new to the vatsim network and I was reading everything to get familiar with this program, as I was doing so I got logged out followed by and email saying that my account was inactive and to reacitvate my account I need to go to a like. As i did, i went to the link and put in my account Information and then the website notified me that my account was suspended. My account was suspended now for about 3 and a half months, how do I lift this suspention?

Did you ever have another account with VATSIM? If yes, you are supposed to use that first account. If more recent accounts are detected, VATSIM will automatically suspend them, because you are supposed to use your original account only.

If you do not remember your old account number or don’t have access to it anymore, you may want to send a message to VATSIM’s member Support:

Very simple. Refer to the email you received when your account was disabled (17 Oct 2022). It will tell you exactly what you need to do.