Network Error: Syntax Error

Recently installed xpilot with administrator permissions. Now, I cannot talk and cannot type. I tried it on different frequencies an nothing changed. Why is this happening!


Note: xpilot connects me to observer mode. What does that mean? Does it change anything? please help!

Observer is kinda like a ghost mode. You are connected to the network, but you can’t interact and no one will see you.
On the connection menu there is a checkbox for that, you have to untick it.

Being online has an observer is also the reason for that error, since you’re not supposed to interact, it doesn’t let you send messages and no one will hear you.

Oh, makes sense thanks! Got it to work!
Another question. Whenever talking with a controller, I am forced talk pm them. I can still type on the frequency, but I can never see a reply from them. However. when I pm the controller, I can both talk and see their replies. Do you know why this is happening? Is it because I’m using the FF777?

Hey Sean, I’ve come across this issue too, and it’s not related to the FF777. It seems like a setting or connection problem. Double-check your xPilot settings and VATSIM configuration to ensure everything is set up correctly.