Network error, syntax error when trying to use Unicom

I keep getting network error, syntax error when trying to use Unicom in observer mode

Why would you try to use Unicom as an Observer?

Hi Don

Thank you for replying, to answer your question:

I only joined Vatsim again recently, passed the exam and therefore a new pilot as I have never gone live. I watched a few YouTube videos and one was about using Unicom in observer mode to listen to how other pilots talk and how the atc informs the pilots what to do.

I thought it was a good idea if it worked to give me confidence to go live and not do something wrong and upset other pilots



Oh, sure, absolutely. Excellent strategy!

I may have misunderstood – I probably read too much into it and thought you were trying to transmit on Unicom while logged in using Observer mode.

You got the errors when trying to receive?

Certainly did and now I understand why. I am about to try and fly from EGNX to EGPF live so wish me luck

I hope you had an awesome flight!