Netjets callsign

I want to do a flight in a Netjet cessna citation. What should i make my callsign in Vpilot and Flightplanning. I thought maybe: ‘‘NJT…’’ If anyone else knows what it should would appreciate it.

NetJets is a common brand of three more or less independant companies with three different AOCs.
NetJets Aviation (US) uses EJA, callsign EXECJET
NetJets Europe (Europe) uses NJE, callsign FRACTION
NetJets Business Aviation (China) uses NEJ, callsign NET BUSINESS

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There is also

NetJets Air Transport UK using code NJU and callsign ARTISAN
Netjets Middle East using code NJF and callsign SUNJET

Nice website to look up callsigns:


Although Netjets Middle East has stopped existing many, many moons ago.

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Callsign: NJTXXX (Replace XXX with your assigned number). Example: NJT123, for Netjet Citation flight.

What is NJT? It is not a code for any of the NetJets AOCs.

If you want to simulate a NetJets flight under the US AOC, your ICAO code will be “EJA”. Quite often these flights also operate with their aircraft registration. In the US, most NetJets aircraft have a registration ending with “QS”, e.g. N524QS is a Citation Latitude C68A: N524QS - Cessna 680A Citation Latitude - NetJets - Flightradar24

Just use FlightRadar24 and filter for “EJA” flights and you’ll get an idea of what’s going in NetJets US.