Need some advice regarding AI models and model matching using vPilot

Been enjoying all great models offered via AIG AI Manager for flying online on Vatsim in a more realistic environment. Where most aircraft match what you hear on the radio. Really cool!

Now I’ve just updated any missing/updated models using AIG AI Manager and the next step is always the big PITA after each update/new models added…using the ModelMatchingMagic tool and manually add all missing aircraft and airline ICAO codes. Line by line. Since there’s no way to multi-select and/or copy/paste things in this tool.

So before I once again start spending hours on manually trying to fix this for all the updated/added models, I wanted to ask if someone in here found a more efficient way achieving the same result? In essence, having a VMR file generated from AIG models with nothing but correct ICAO codes for all aircraft as well as airlines.

With many thanks in advance,


My recommendation is to delete AIG in it’s entirety. Then go get the FSTL models via the FBW Installer. A couple button clicks and you’re all set. For FSTL and Vatsim model matching, you do not need the FSTL Injector, just the Base Models. It comes with a VMR file for Vatsim model matching and vPilot. They have a couple thousand models. No GA models though.

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Wow, that’s brilliant!

Will check it out, thanks.

Same opinion here, it is so tedious and time consuming updating AIG. And if you check the coverage of FSLTL with my tool (, it is very good


I actually went ahead and finished going trough all the new and updated AIG models. I already was halfway through when you guys suggested FSLTL. Figured it would be interesting to compare.

Now with all AIG models downloaded and after going through all of them to make sure the airline and aircraft ICAO codes are correct, this is what vPilot reports which is quite impressive to be honest.

Looking at the number of identified models. Not sure though why there’s a diff of around 900 models between what is found and what is identified. That however isn’t something I’ll further investigate. Knowing vPilot has about 6.500 models to choose from is good enough to me.

The next coming days I’ll look into what you suggested.

Thanks again guys and if anyone in here would like my VRM file for all the AIG models, do let me know.

Just tried out FSLTL and what an awesome solution for online flying as well as the pure joy watching how injected traffic matches the traffic IRL very closely.

I’m impressed!!

One minor thing though when it comes to injected traffic if anyone of you knows. I noticed how there seems to be a delay between what is seen on FR24 and what is seen in MSFS when having the injection running.

Absolutely not a problem but was wondering if there might be some setting I can adjust to make what is seen in MSFS even closer to FR24 as for the sync between these two?